Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crochet Cable Scarf

I think the scarf fairy has been into our house, somehow I seem to have lost most of my scarfs ... on the positive side its an excuse for me to crochet myself one.

I saw this Patons Shadow Tweed yarn and decided that it was just the thing to make my scarf with.  Its a chunky Content: 56% wool, 50% acrylic, 4% viscose yarn. 

I always like things in odd numbers so I wanted 3 cables across the scarf.  I started out with 32 stitches using 6mm hook and front post raised stitches (much like the picture above) either side of the cables.

This was making quite a stiff scarf and I wasn't so keen on the look as it progressed.

So I started again, now I am working over 28 stitches using an 8mm hook.  I am making a front post stitch at each edge with 3 cables across and 3 single crochet between each.  The 8mm hook is making the scarf much softer and the reduction in FP stiches has simplified the design.

Work continues ....

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