Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Pattern for my Crochet Irish Rose

I mentioned before that although I love making Irish Roses and they feature not only on many of my handmade items but also in my shop banner & on my avatar I have never got round to actually creating a pattern for it.

Well I have now.  After getting an email asking if I had a pattern for sale I thought I really need to write this down.

When I make them, no two are the same.  I usually have another idea of making frilly edges or adding beading.  Even the number and densitiy of the petals can change.

I love to mix colours, use multi-coloured yarns or even use different yarn weights & textures when making them.  I think, like in nature, my roses should be individual.

Have a look in Walnut Baby to see some of my little rosy creations and the pattern is there for you too

I love the rose I created for this pattern


I made it using DMC multi-coloured embroidery thread.  The silkiness of the thread gives this particular rose a lovely sheen and the feel is so soft.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shape sorter - side 3 completed

Sorry I've been away so long ... no excuses, just havn't been doing a lot of crochet recently.  I think that the hot weather makes me just want to spend time in my garden reading rather than crocheting (see Stuff and things)

Anyway I managed to organise myself to complete side 3 of the shape sorter (finally!!)

This time its a circle.

Crochet shape sorter side

So now I have a triangle, circle and an offset square

Crochet shape sorter

So far I am happy with how it is turning out, I particularly like the bright colours.  Time to raid the yarn stash again and find the next colour.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorry its been a while, more on Irish Roses ....

There is something about this lovely weather that we've been having that makes me not want to crochet.... so unfortunately my shape sorter has not progressed much in the last couple of weeks. 

I do have 3/4 of the circle side done, it would only take me an hour to finish it - so why don't I??? 

In the mean time I was contacted about my Irish Roses
Irish Rose

I make them in all sizes and designs, some with the little ball in the center & the ruffled edges  & some a more classic design

Irish rose and leaves crochet necklace

And others decorated with beads, or crochet using embroidery thread

Crochet Irish Rose Brooch

I guess they are my signature piece :)

So when I was contacted about them and asked if I had a pattern, I was embarrassed to say "No".  Now I am writing up the pattern(s), I have my first draft that I need to try out to check that it works as expected & I'll need to do the photos ... so watch this space, hopefully I'll have a new pattern for Walnut Baby very soon.