Thursday, August 12, 2010

What to do with a large Irish Rose??

I got this absolutely beautiful silk & mohair blend yarn, and decided to make another rose.  I wanted to make a larger one this time which is why I chose this yarn.  I used Rowan Silk Twist.
Crochet Irish Rose

The photographs don't really capture how luxurious this yarn is.

Crochet Irish Rose

So as you can see the flower worked out at around 7" across, so quite large really. Now I am struggling for what to do with it.

Typically I make these as embellishments for bags or as brooches. But this one is a bit large for a brooch and it’s just too nice to be an embellishment.

My thought was perhaps to make a long headband and attach this? What do you think?

Monday, August 9, 2010

I got a commission!!

I am generally wary of comissions, I've had a few where I have put in an awful lot of effort even going as far as purchasing yarn and the whole thing falls though without as much as a single penny coming my way.

Anyhow, I was contacted at the end of last week by a lovely Etsy buyer.  She saw my bluebells crochet pattern but doesn't know how to crochet herself, so she asked if I wouldn't mind making some for her.

So I did :)

Crochet bluebells

These are made using 100% cotton 4ply yarn

Crochet Bluebells

When I've made them before I put a brooch pin at the back, but this time they are for a 1 year old, so (for safety) I have left them just as they are.

As I always do, I have attached one of my little Walnut Baby tags on a piece of yarn.  In this case I used that to hang my bluebells for one of the photos.
Crochet, handmade, bluebells, flower

And finally I boxed them up for their trip to their new home.

Crochet bluebells

Its nice to get out one of my patterns and try it out again.  I was trying to think what else I could do with them if/when I make them again, other than make a brooch - but what else?