Friday, June 25, 2010

Shape sorter Triangle side

Since the weather wasn't as good yesterday evening I managed to get my triangle side finished.
Shape sorter

I'm still wondering if I've gone too large on the holes but, I am committed now and will keep on going and see how things turn out.

Shape sorter

Two sides down four more to go :) Maybe I'll do circle next ?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shape sorter Part 2

I confess that progress is slow, mainly because the weather is nice and I am choosing to sit in the garden reading rather than get on with my crocheting ... but I am happy to sacrifice a bit of progress for some good weather - it comes soooo infrequently!

Anyway, I decided to make the triangle side next.  Its is a bright, almost electric blue colour.
Shape sorter side

The second part of the side is currently underway and looking at the weather today, I should finish it to night :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shape sorter Part 2

I have started making my shape sorter.  I decided to start with the offset square (parallelogram) side.

In order to give the toy some structure I need to make two if each side

Then they need to be sewed together creating a sandwich.

And then the sandwich is stuffed with toy stuffing

The final result has some substance and can hold its shape.

I am having some doubts right now, I'm thinking maybe the hole is too big .... I think I'll create the next side and see how things are looking then.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crochet Shape sorter

I think I'll give the shape sorter a try ... in the spirit of if you don't try you'll never know :)

I'm going to keep it pretty simple.  One sorter hole per side, that way I only have to create 6 shapes :)

I'm thinking of the following shapes

Offset Square

I had thought of creating a moon shape, but I just can't get my head around how I would create that successfully.

I think that creating the Star hole will be the most difficult to create, so I think I'll save that one up and do it later.  I don't want to put myself off the whole idea before I even start.

I'll start with the holes, I think I'll have more scope to adjust the sizes of the shapes rather than trying to adjust the sizes of the holes.

So, first thing I need to do is start to design the sides & figure out what size the holes need to be.

Keep checking back for progress.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ideas time again

I still really need to use up some of this stash of yarn I have.  So I need to think up some ideas.  I spent a bit of time before my holiday just making things for me so perhaps its time to make something new for the shop.

I have an idea for a shape sorter toy, it needs a bit more thought and planning though. 

I am thinking of something even simpler than the one in this picture, with just one sorter hold in each side.  I'm just not sure if a completely soft shape sorter would work ... perhaps an experiment worth trying?

Or perhaps I could make another mobile, they seem to be popular ...

Every time I've made one of these little bird mobiles they sell quite quickly.

I have an idea for a little boy one, with cars and trains etc.  It would need much smaller versions of some of the toys I've made so far

I'm just trying to work out if I have the patients to start into this one!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crochet iPad cover

My lovely DH bought me an iPad for my birthday & I finally took delivery of it last Thursday - I don't care what anyone says its a great little gadget.  We have barely put it down since I got it.

Rather than get one of those dull, shop bought, commercial, everyone has one, covers I thought I'd just make my own :)  What's the point of being able to make things if I don't make myself something now and again?

Crochet iPad Cover

Being every so slightly ironic I decided to go retro on the colours and use brown and yellow.  The front is a yellow apple on a brown background and the back is reversed.  I made up the pattern to create the apple image, so its not quite 100% but I guess its close enough.

Crochet iPad Cover

Its closed over with a little tab and button.  The cover is made with 100% cotton DK yarn, so its not scratchy and its pretty thick without being bulky.

Crochet iPad Cover

This particular one is to keep my personal iPad cozy & protected.  I plan to come up with other designs to make some more.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finished coin purse

As expected the coin purse came out sized somewhere between a small handbag and a coin purse, its large enough to store money, mobile phone and of course the mandatory lipstick :)

Crochet Coin purse

Crochet coin purse

Crochet coin purse

Crochet Coin Purse

What do you think?  I plan to take it on holiday with me, just need to go and get a little strap for it.