Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arrgh button holes

I am trying to create the button holes for my cowl ... how hard could it be!!!  I've so far created the row 3 times and ripped back.

I am blaming Edward Cullen ... I was watching Twilight at the same time, so I figure I was distracted LOL

The "problem" is that with the trinity stitch there are the CH stitches between each trinity, so when I am creating my chains for the button holes I am having problems making them evenly spaced while keeping the hole sizes reasonable.

I wanted to have 3 buttons, perhaps I should try with just two and see if that works any better.


  1. Good luck. Have no idea what a trinity stitch is, but I've always heard buttons are the hardest, probably more so while hypnotized by Rob Patterson...Perhaps you should throw on a documentary about the making of cardboard. Good for button holes...

  2. Thanks Honey, lovely Rob certainly is mesmerising :)