Monday, May 24, 2010

Crochet document holder

We always have a mess of documents to take on holiday with us, the flight confirmations, hire car confirmations and sometimes even hotel booking information etc etc etc

Usually they are just folded up and bunged into our hand luggage somewhere.  Which inevitably causes some panic at some point when we are trying to locate the right document.

So I thought I'd put my yarn stash and hook to good use and make a document holder for our travel documents.
Crochet document holder

First things first ... Pick a suitable yarn - so I chose this vibrant cotton, multicoloured DK yarn.  Its got a really holiday feel about it.  This particular yarn is Anchor Magicline Blocks in 1440 (Yellow) it also comes in Green & Orange shades.

Crochet Document Holder

I made this holder using simple Double Crochet (SC for my American readers) all the way.  Then crochet an additional piece for the "flap" at the top.
Crochet document holder

I also crochet a length of chain and pulled it through under the flap.  Making sure the distance between the entry points matched the distance between the holes on a standard hole-punch.

Punched holes in the top of my paperwork and threaded it onto the chain & tied in a bow.

The document holder folds in 3 and is closed with 2 pretty coconut buttons

Coconut button

I am planning to add on a passport & driving license pocket to the back so that we can keep all of our documents together.


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  2. great easy to do idea!!! I'm disabled.. and need some of those once in
    a while.thanks for the idea!