Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ideas time again

I still really need to use up some of this stash of yarn I have.  So I need to think up some ideas.  I spent a bit of time before my holiday just making things for me so perhaps its time to make something new for the shop.

I have an idea for a shape sorter toy, it needs a bit more thought and planning though. 

I am thinking of something even simpler than the one in this picture, with just one sorter hold in each side.  I'm just not sure if a completely soft shape sorter would work ... perhaps an experiment worth trying?

Or perhaps I could make another mobile, they seem to be popular ...

Every time I've made one of these little bird mobiles they sell quite quickly.

I have an idea for a little boy one, with cars and trains etc.  It would need much smaller versions of some of the toys I've made so far

I'm just trying to work out if I have the patients to start into this one!!


  1. I love the shape sorter idea -- so much nicer in yarn rather than plastic!

  2. The shape sorter is a very clever idea but the mobiles have that ever popular cuteness factor! I would give the shape sorter a try. Good luck!

  3. oh my goodness, these toys are SO CUTE! When my kids were babies, I hated how hard all the wooden and plastic toys were - so many opportunities for hurting themselves. I think the sorter idea is fantastic! The sharp corners of the wooden sorter boxes always scared me when they were still learning how to sit up. If they went tumbling over onto a crocheted one, it would be like a little pillow instead of scratching their faces. Go for it!