Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorry its been a while, more on Irish Roses ....

There is something about this lovely weather that we've been having that makes me not want to crochet.... so unfortunately my shape sorter has not progressed much in the last couple of weeks. 

I do have 3/4 of the circle side done, it would only take me an hour to finish it - so why don't I??? 

In the mean time I was contacted about my Irish Roses
Irish Rose

I make them in all sizes and designs, some with the little ball in the center & the ruffled edges  & some a more classic design

Irish rose and leaves crochet necklace

And others decorated with beads, or crochet using embroidery thread

Crochet Irish Rose Brooch

I guess they are my signature piece :)

So when I was contacted about them and asked if I had a pattern, I was embarrassed to say "No".  Now I am writing up the pattern(s), I have my first draft that I need to try out to check that it works as expected & I'll need to do the photos ... so watch this space, hopefully I'll have a new pattern for Walnut Baby very soon.

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