Thursday, June 7, 2012

New pattern - will need a stitch guide

I am finally getting round to putting together the pattern for my kindle cover ..

Crochet Kindle Cover

I have used some "aran" style crochet to make this. When I started to crochet I never knew that you could do this sort of thing with  hook - I thought aran was the preserve of knitters.

For my cover I use  a sort of roaming cable, that drifts back and to across the front ....
Crochet Kindle Cover

And a sort of vines & berries pattern on the back

Crochet Kindle Cover

I've started writing out the pattern, but without photographs of what I mean by a "front post double crochet worked in front of the previously  missed stitch" its going to be almost unintelligible !

I think that this is providing me with the perfect opportunity to create a proper stitch guide that I can add to all my patterns & also include here.

Hopefully next update will be to say the pattern is finished & I have a full (or at least the start of) my stitch guide.

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