Friday, February 10, 2012

Handspun Kid Mohair

I got some new fibres to spin, Mohair, more silk (because I want to do better at spinning silk) and some Alpaca.

I've started to try to spin the Mohair, its difficult to know how to spin it "right".  I have been doing a bit of research and there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to should it be spun worsted or woolen.  I decided to spin it worsted, for these reasons.  The staple length is pretty long, its between 4" and 5", so its definitely long enough for worsted, the preparation is combed top.

Here's what I've got ...

mohair spinning
I've just started really, but you can see how fluffy it is already. It really has a lovely feel, although the fluff does get EVERYWHERE! 
Mohair handspun single
I wanted to see what a plyed yarn would look like so I just pulled back some of the yarn I had spun off the bobbin and let it ply back on itself (with a little help from my threading hook).   It doesn't look too bad really, I think I'll make a 3 ply in the end though.
Mohair spinning - two ply

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