Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost 100% handmade socks

I say almost because I didn't dye the yarn, rear the sheep or cultivate the silk worms ... but otherwise they are 100% handmade.

Handmade socks

I handspun the yarn, which is a merino and silk blend.  Then made a 3ply yarn from it .... and had to spin up some more when I didn't quite have enough to finish the job!

If you look at the close up you can see the little shiny silk threads in the yarn.
Handmade socks
And I then hand crochet the socks. They are from an Annies Attic pattern that I had to adjust slightly as I made these for my husband and the pattern is not really "man size". It took a few goes with different size hooks to get the size right.  The yarn I made is 12wip and the hook size I eventually settled on was 5mm.

Handmade socks

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