Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Irish Crochet Necklace - Old Rose & passion flower

I started by creating the passion flowers, really I wanted the challenge of creating the roll (or Bullion) stitches & the clones knots that are required for the center & the pistils.

They are quite tricky stitches and more so when using fine thread.  This particular necklace is created with No 30 crochet cotton, so not the finest my any means - but fine enough !

I decided to create an Old rose this time rather than the more traditional Irish rose

It love the lacy petals, I think it creates a beautiful and delicate centre for this piece.

I finished off with a sprig of open work leaves & joined the flowers with little double leaf motifs.

The chain of the necklace is quite plain, but given the complexity of the motifs I thought that this was best. 

This necklace has a tie closure so that the wearer can adjust the length to fit.  When using a tie closer I like to add little crochet covered washers to the end of the chains - this adds a little weight to make the ends hang nicely, otherwise they are prone to curling up.


  1. I would like to learn how to crochet this old rose necklace & you don't mind you let me learn to do this pattern. My sister had just loss all her Jewels as somebody took them. She loss all her diamond earrings. I know that she likes roses & so are me, too.
    My email address is cpf467640cef@copper.net
    Please send this patter, thanks.
    Carlotta Fortner