Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Spinning Wheel - Have I got it right?

Can any spinners out there help?

So I have my new Ashford Traveller Double treadle spinning wheel, but I confess I am not sure I have it setup right ....

Spinning Wheel

The bit I don't understand is the Flyer, bobbin, drive band & break setup.  Here's how I started with it.
Spinning Wheel

Here's the thing, my flyer & bobbin don't match those in the assembly instructions.

My flyer doesn't have the stepped end next to the oriface.  Its at the other end.

Spinning Wheel

And my bobbin's have a stepped end, unlike the ones in the instructions


Now I originally had the break on the stepped end of the bobbin, but since the break thread length is 32cm between the springs that just didn't work.  I had to put the break on the other end - Is that right ???

Also in the instructions the drive band is at the other end of the flyer.


But the stepped "cap" I have doesn't have a hole in it so I can't put on the other end


An educated guess says I have this the right way round, the drive band on the right thing (the cap) and the break on the right end of the bobbin.

But, since I am a complete novice at this - does anyone know if I have this right or not??

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  1. Hi there - it's not quite right. The flyer that you show is a single-drive flyer - so maybe you're looking at the wrong instructions.

    The bobbin was the right way round in the first pictures.

    For single-drive operation, both loops of the drive band should go around the same flyer whorl, and the brake should go on the bobbin as you have it. For double-drive operation, take off the brake band and stow it somewhere. One loop of the drive band goes around the bobbin whorl, and one goes around one of the flyer whorls (depending on which ratio you'd like). The double-drive instructions are here:

    Hope that helps