Thursday, March 25, 2010

Designing new projects

I am getting on quite quickly with my Aran shawl now, new photos of progress to follow, so the time has come to come up with new projects.

I find the design process quite challenging, I don't generally like to simply follow a published pattern unless I am trying something out for the first time. 

Since spring is upon us & summer is (fingers crossed) just around the corner I am planning to make some more light weight & Summery items. 

My inspiration comes from lots of places, things I see in films & magazines, pictures, photographs and so on.  Quite often I will see a piece of jewellery and think maybe I could crochet something like that - generally my inspiration comes from things that are totally unrelated to Crochet.  I like the challenge of taking an idea and seeing how I can translate that into a finished crochet piece.

This little bracelet for example, clearly not crochet - but seeing something like this in a magazine or seeing someone wearing one would give me an idea to see if I could create something similar in crochet.

I have a few plans right now. 

I'd like to create some Irish crochet inspired barefoot sandals.  Irish Crochet can be very delicate and whispy or much heavier lace.  I am quite looking forward to combining some Irish Crochet motifs to create some barefoot sandals.

I'd also like to try out some more hairpin crochet & create more shawls & also some fingerless gloves - I think that the hairpin crochet would make some very pretty bridal items too.

The one major stumbling block that I have is that I am no artist.  I keep a book where I write down my ideas & also document my patterns.  Unfortunately sometimes I go back to an idea I had and find myself wondering just what exactly that little sketch is supposed to be :)

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