Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tatting ... Hummm

So I got my tatting kit this morning, it consists of 2 balls of tatting yarn, a shuttle & an instruction manual.

Well I thought that Crochet was hard to learn from a book !!  After quite a bit of creating useless knots and trying to figure out why my tatting looked upside down compared to the instructions I decided that I needed some extra tuition.

My mantra is "there is nothing you can't find on the internet" so I got out trusty old google and set about finding some how-to's for tatting.

YouTube - you are a Godsend!  I discovered that the instructions were not making "the flip" clear ... and this, as I know now. is what tatting is all about - no flip, no tat :)

This YouTube video is great for showing what is supposed to happen - this is what made it clear to me.

Now I have managed to create a wonderful chain of tatting - hardly the most exciting thing in the world but a huge leap forward from my knots of earlier.


  1. It is a good start. Well done!
    A lot of practise will improve it. There are many tatting patterns that you can get free online if you make a search for it.

  2. "The Flip" has always been the bugaboo for anyone trying to learn tatting from written instructions. Glad to see you figured it out!

  3. Thanks Jon & Gina :) Hopefully with a bit more practice and some inspiring patterns I'll be flying.