Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mothers day is coming

Taking inspiration from the gifted folks on Etsy, here are some of my favorites

Convertible clutch to shoulder bag made in the free form crochet style.  I love the colours in this little bag, its so versatile.

Ivory Crochet Shawl, absolutely beautiful.  It looks so warm & inviting

White Swarovski Pearls on gold wire, what mum wouldn't love this necklace

Black and lavender fancy indoor cashmere slippers, Maybe its my love of all things purple, but I think these are lovely

Hooker, if your mum is the crocheter in the family.  I had a good laugh at this one & was seriously tempted to just buy it for myself :)

Medal for Mom, title says it all really.  Its quite a cutesy idea.
KnittingGuru on Etsy

Crochet hand decoration, These Irish roses are so beautiful and delicate.

Sand Dunes.... Beaded crochet necklace, totally stunning work

Silver garnet and Peridot Spring cuff, I love the colour combinations in this cuff.  I've never mastered wire crochet myself so I'm always fascinated by examples of this work

Grey/Silver Crochet hoops, these are so delicate and pretty they are almost like webs.

I hope that you find some inspiration in the items I have listed above.

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