Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby's Stacker toy

I love to make little toys, I always try to make them baby friendly - by that I mean, no hard eyes or sharp bits that can be bitten off or chewed or cause injury.

I saw this pattern and decided to make this little stacker toy which is available in my Etsy shop

Crochet Toy Stacker

It is made this using Sirdar Snuggly DK yarn, which is a baby yarn and - as the name would suggest - very soft.

The whole toy is the post to stack the rings on, which I think looks like a turtle

Crochet Toy Stacker

And then three rings of decreasing size.  The largest is a bumble bee - which I made in yellow and black with white wings.

Crochet Toy Stacker

The next ring is a ladybird/ladybug and then the smallest is a dragonfly

Crochet Toy Stacker

The ladybird is created all in red with individually made and sewn on.  The Dragonfly is made with purple yarn for the body and tail and yellow for the wings.

Finally the base is decorated with little pink flowers and green leaves.

Crochet Toy Stacker

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  1. I just finished making one too for my grandaughter.