Friday, February 18, 2011

Pattern books - I have so many!

I can never go into a book shop with out somehow ending up in the craft section .... I can't pass it by without having a quick rummage - even though the selection of books is pretty poor for Crochet (usually 1 to every 4 or 5 knitting books) I still have to have a look, just in case there might be a new one.

I also get those wonderful Amazon suggests emails, and quite often there is a nice shiny array of crochet books - that I've never seen before !!! 

Its not as if I only buy "pattern" books, I love to get stitch and motif books.  They are a great inspiration for coming up with my own designs.

I thought I'd share a couple of books that I have particularly liked or found useful.

201 Crochet Motifs by Melody Griffiths.

My copy of this book is seriously dog-eared, I have referred back to it so many times when I am looking for a little inspiration.

Basic Crochet Stitches (250 to crochet) from the Harmony Guides series.

Although this book does give a great guide to the most basic crochet stitches it also has much more.  It has detailed stitch diagrams that are invaluable.  Sometimes it is very difficult to express in just pattern language what is required to create the stitch and that is when the stitch diagrams come into their own.

If you are looking for something a bit different then Loop 'd Loop by Teva Durham is a good choice

This book has the works, it even has a pattern for a hammock !!!

For baby, I really like Lois Daykins Baby Crochet: 20 Hand Crochet Designs for Babies 0-24 Months

This has a nice collection of toys and accessories, it isn't as hot on the clothing side of things, just 2 patterns of the 20. 

For clothing I think Cute crochet for Tiny Tots by Helen Eaton is better

This book has a nice selection of clothing for babies and toddlers.  It also has a pretty decent set of patterns for the nursery, blankets and accessories.

I have many many more books (its a bit of an obsession) so I am sure I will be posting more recommendations another time

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