Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oyster card/Credit card holder

My Oyster card holder is getting really quite tatty - which is to be expected since its the same one I had when I lived in London more than 6 years ago.  So I thought I'd put my hook to good use and create a new holder .

For those who don't know and Oyster card is a contact-less card used for accessing the underground network (Tube) and buses in London.

Its about the size of a credit card so I thought that the holder I am making would double as either an Oyster holder or a credit card holder.

Ideally I want to have a pocket for my Oyster card and one to hold my tube map too.  The original wallet that came with my card has 2 interior pockets, one for the Oyster card and one for the photo ID card itself and then 1 external pocket for the tube map.  Since no one ever asks for the photo card I was thinking of just the 2 interior pockets - but I'll see how it evolves.

So far I've made three-quarters of it and then ripped it back to try again, I thought I'd put a heart design on it to "pretty it up".

I plan to line the inside with felt and put a popper closure onto the finished wallet. 

Once I get some daylight I'll take some photos of progress and let you see what I've created and how things are going.

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