Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just never enough time in the day ....

I have so many projects on the go right now and just not enough time for them all.  I work full time, I leave the house at 7am to get to work and generally don't get home until 7pm so during the week I really don't have much time for crafting.

Right now I need to get my shawl finished, I only have 3 days and there is still a lot to do... I have to crochet at least 1 ball of yarn every day to get it finished in time!!!  and I don't know about you but the faster I try to work the more likely I am to make mistakes and have to frog-it.  In an effort to try to catch up some time I used a few minutes of my lunch hour today to ball-up my yarn.  I  can't find a way to work with this yarn with out it ending in knots without unravelling it and balling it up myself. 

So the aim this evening is to finish the ball I'm currently working on and also the one I just balled up this afternoon - maybe I can get a bit ahead that way.

I've also got a cap on the go that I'm making for my DH.  He wants a crochet peaked cap.  The cap is made but not the peak ... I think I have worked out what I need to do now, having tried crocheting the peak without an insert I think it definately needs one -  now I have a plastic insert so that the peak will hold its shape, I just need to find the time to finish it.  If it works I'll write up the pattern.

Speaking of patterns, I also have to write up patterns for a pair of fingerless gloves I made
Crochet wrist warmers

And also a hooded scarf I made myself.

Crochet hooded scarf

Crochet hooded scarf

I hate wearing hats - they make my head itch!! so I decided to make this hooded scarf to keep my head warm with all this freezing weather we've been having ...  It turned out quite well so I'll have to get the pattern written up - just in case anyone else wants to make themselves one :)
Then I have a few other projects waiting in the wings ..... Just never enough time in the day !! 

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