Monday, January 17, 2011

When will I learn ...

I made an attempt to write up the pattern for my cable fingerless gloves, and its not going well - I always think that I'm making enough notes when I am making up a new pattern, but from time to time I skip some bits that I think are obvious or that I'll be able to work out later.

It seems that I've been a bit over zealous with my skipping with this one, I have more gaps than information ... the only thing for it will be to rip back the gloves and make them again - do you think I'll learn my lesson this time?  Probably not :)

I have a couple more patterns to write up, for my hooded scarf and the shawl that I made for myself.  I've also got a pattern for the peaked cap I made my DH (photos to follow) - I'm laying bets now that I discover some detail I forgot to note down before I'm finished these too.

In the mean time I'm making some new-born booties from an Annies Attic pattern. 

I'm changing things a little because these look like 2 left feet to me, I think the colours should match with Blue on the outside of each bootie & green on the inside.  I'll post again when I've finished them.

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  1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! I see we are at the same place with pattern making at times! Have a great day!