Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crochet summer bag, with flowers

This was one of my evolving projects, I was on a "making flowers" kick and then needed to make them into something.  So I thought of a nice summer handbag/purse.

I love the yarn I used, its Sirdar's Luxury soft 4Ply cotton yarn.  It does have the tendancy to split but its lovely to work with and the finished product is so soft and touchable.

I didn't want to make a plain or just striped bag, so I used the spike stitch to create a nice effect.

I also didn't want to just sew some flowers onto the bag as "decoration" so I made the flap from them

Just for fun I also threw in a small butterfly in the flowers :)

I have not decided if this is for sale or not yet ....

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