Monday, April 26, 2010

Yarn storage ...

I've been meaning to sort this out for a while, my current yarn storage is one large plastic box with everything thrown in.  It started out with some order.  I put the cottons at one end and the 4 ply's together etc, but that never lasts long.  They very quickly become a jumble of yarns getting tangled together.

So I have finally got my act together and have bought myself some storage.

I got 2 of these.  Originally I was thinking of getting some drawers, or those plastic buckets that fit into a drawer unit.  But the problem with those is that you can't immediately see into them.  So this this unit I can see whats been stored in each "pigeon hole".

The units have arrived today!  So now I need to figure out how I'm going to get them into the car - I may be enlisting some help from the guys at work :)

The major downside of this is, now I have to tidy the storage cupboard that I keep my yarn in so that I can fit these in!  I guess there has to be some pain somewhere.

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