Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spinning yarn

I've been toying with the idea of spinning my own yarn.  Now I have absolutely no idea how to start with this so I engaged with my friend "The Internet".

I have found a site that sells "tops" which I have now discovered is the name for the wool that I can use to spin into yarn.  World of Wool seems to be a good source for the raw materials, but I still need to find a spindle & give it a try.

The Fibrecrafts website seems to have a pretty reasonable selection of spindles
as well as selling tops.   Go to their website for more details of the items below.  I am seriously tempted by their Explorer pack.

I think the excuses to not try out spinning my own yarn are drying up.

I also found a pretty good resource for information on spinning, Joy of spinning.  Its given me some inspiration.  

Well ... I think I really should try to use up some of the extensive stash of yarn that I have already hoarded.. or maybe not :)

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