Thursday, April 29, 2010

My mum was so talented

So far I have been blogging my exploits with a crochet hook (and other yarn related activity).  So I thought I should give some insight to where I got the crochet bug from.

My mum was an extremely talented woman, she could knit and crochet so many wonderful things.  She would not only make clothes for us but also outfits for our dolls as well - we had the best kitted out Cindy's and Barbie's in the world ... in my opinion anyway :)

She taught me to knit, when I was very young but never got the chance to teach me to crochet.   She died when I was 9.  But the legacy of wonderful crochet things that she left behind inspired me to learn myself. I am hoping that the genes I inherited from her will give me even half the talent she had.

This photo shows my sister and me (I'm the little one) ready for our aunt's wedding - we were bridesmaids - or at least the junior versions :)  my mum crochet these dresses for us.  As you can see it was in the 70's, Orange & Brown has never been so popular :)

And there she is, the woman behind the hook - hanging on to me.

I have other examples of her work ... I just need to find the time to photograph them properly.

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