Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drop spindle spinning

As you know from my previous blog entries I took a notion to learn how to drop spindle spin.  So my kit arrived

And I started spinning, its not as easy as the YouTube videos make it look !!  So I saught advice from the spinners on Etsy & they reassured me that "it takes time", "don't worry if its lumpy" ... So I gave it a proper try

As you can see, they were right about the lumpy!!  Its so hard to keep consistency,

As you can see, I had a few nice thin bits ... but plenty of chunky fat bits & a few over twisty bits.  But you know what, I was happy enough with this as a first try.

So I thought, lets go again.  So with my new found confidence I decided to give it another go.

Here we go with try #2, I think I am gettin the consistency better - hardly perfect yet, but better.  At least there are fewer chunky lumps :)

I am still struggling a bit with joining in a new piece of roving, I'll still get a chunkier bit there - but I think there's been progress.

Its really good fun, and you know what?  I am starting to think that, maybe, one day, I'll actually spin something I can crochet with ... You never know!!

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