Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spinning my own yarn - I've taken the plunge

I am quite excited about this.  The temptation of the explorer pack from fibrecrafts.com was too much.  I've ordered one of these packs.

I am not sure how long it will take to arrive, but I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas right  now waiting for it to arrive.  I have to try and tame my excitement & realise that spinning is likely to be quite difficult to get the hang of.

I'm in two minds about finding fibrecrafts.com, its got such great stuff ... I could end up spending a fortune !!!


  1. please let me know how it goes, I could not get my spinning down and kind of gave up! stitchesbyjulie.etsy.com

  2. I found this set of instructions


    And also these videos


    I am hoping with a combination of both I can get started - my first attempt resulted in a lot of fluff, some frustration & a sore toe where the spindle dropped on it ... Not the most encouraging beginning :)